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Our immigrantparents worked their asses off to provide a better future for us, but it doesn't mean that they don't make a couple of parenting mistakes along the way. Even though your immigrantparents may have picked out a wife/husband for you on your 13th birthday or smacked you if you didn't get an A in Math, they raise you with as much love as they spend on your SAT prep classes. They constantly remind you how "easy" your life is compared to when they were growing up in X country. is a place where you can share hilarious texts, emails, conversations and pictures about your loving immigrantparents. Whether it is a barely comprehendible text message sent by your dad, or an awkward story about how your mom found your drunk pictures on facebook feel free to share it! Also, feel free to share posts about your immigrant cousins, siblings, significant other, yourself etc.. Remember the better the Engrish, the better the post.

Get in touch with us via e-mail at myimmigrantparents[at]

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