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How do I start a post?

You can post in two places. The first is by clicking the "+submit" button on most pages. The second is by navigating -HERE-.

How do I format a post?

Our posts use a textile style of formatting. See -HERE- for all of the details!

What am I allowed to post?

Users can freely post anything they own the rights to. You can post your text messages, photos, etc. as long as you have permission from all of the involved parties, or if you remove any identifying features (e.g. names, addresses, faces...). We reserve the right to take down posts that violate these rules, or if we are contacted by someone stating that a post involving them is offensive. For a more detailed description, click HERE to see the "Terms of Service" page.

Formatting tips:

You might consider using some of the tags below to help make your posts more stylish or readable.

Dialogue can be written like this:
- Mom := What mom says
- Me := What I say
Which results in:
What mom says
What I say
Unordered lists:
In order to create an unordered list like:
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
You must write:
* Item 1
* Item 2

Ordered lists:
In order to make an ordered list like:
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
You must write:
# Item 1
# Item 2

If you want to include a legitimate link in your post:
Will look like:

Bold, Italics
*Bold* will look like Bold
_Italics_ will look like Italics

Contacting us:

Feel free to contact us with feedback:
email - myimmigrantparents[at]